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If you can't be with us tomorrow in Nashville, follow the SNPA News Industry Summit on Twitter at #NewsIndSummit.


SNPA has revenue ideas for you! 10/2/18

SNPA is hosting a free video conference from 2-3 p.m. EST on Thursday, Oct. 18, to share successful revenue ideas. It takes just 90 minutes of your time – and the ROI is guaranteed.

To participate, you must submit a revenue idea by Friday, Oct. 12. Tell us your most successful money-maker in 2018 – your "home run."

Newspapers that submit an idea will get login instructions and copies of the entire collection of ideas that are submitted by other newspapers. Send one idea, get many more.

No fees. No travel. No time away from the office. Guaranteed pay off. We hope you won't find any reason to sit this one out!

Send in your idea and let SNPA help you grow your business!


SNPA to examine digital topics next Thursday afternoon in Nashville 10/2/18

Two important digital topics are on the agenda next Thursday afternoon at the SNPA News Industry Summit in Nashville.


SNPA wants to hear your VOICE 10/1/18

Attendees at the 2018 News Industry Summit will have a chance to share their stories through SNPA Voices, a unique video system powered by Gather Voices.

We hope conference attendees will stop by our recording area near the conference registration desk and tell us how SNPA has help you learn, grow and connect. Tell us why you're an SNPA member and how your SNPA membership helps your business. We want to share your testimonials with your colleagues across SNPA and the industry.

Attendees at our conferences have so many great stories to share. SNPA Voices will give you the chance to record your insights about conference sessions, speakers or trends in the industry in a professionally-produced video environment.


Disruption in the music industry: What newspapers can learn from the turnaround 9/24/18

Digital disruption is now decades old to both the music and the newspaper industry. Massive shifts in platforms and business models have forced publishers and content creators to take new paths and learn some important lessons along the way.

At the upcoming SNPA News Industry Summit, join industry veteran Carol Hudler as she interviews Mark Montgomery, a music industry veteran and serial entrepreneur to understand how the lessons learned and paths taken in the music industry might provide insights that could help local media operations today.


Foundations of success in sales and sales management 9/24/18

Recruiting and retaining great sales representatives is a key concern for most newspapers. The closing session at the SNPA News Industry Summit is a don't miss for any paper that wants to improve its sales numbers.

On Friday, Oct. 12, Tom Black, owner and founder of the Tom Black Center for Excellence, will focus on the characteristics of a great salesperson, a great manager and a great company. Participants can expect to take away a set of principles that they can implement in themselves and their companies.

You'll hear ideas that built several billion-dollar sales organizations, from a man who has taken two companies from zero to public companies.

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Hotel rooms for the SNPA News Industry Summit 9/18/18

The News Industry Summit will be held at the Nashville Hilton. The SNPA room block at the Hilton has been released, but the hotel might have rooms available at its standard pricing. To check availability, call the hotel at (615) 620-1000 (Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or dial 1-800-HILTONS.

There are many hotels in and around downtown Nashville. To shop for the best available rate, check your favorite travel website like and


Hyper-local news organization in Tennessee is growing readers and revenue 9/18/18

Five years after its inception, Main Street Media of Tennessee is a fast-growing media company operating in the suburbs of Nashville. Publishers of eight weekly newspapers, magazines and websites, the company's focus on hyper-local news unique to each community has allowed it to grow ad revenue as well as circulation.

In three weeks, at the SNPA News Industry Summit, hear how a "print-first" operation has been able to buck the trends and set itself on a path for continued growth.

Dave Gould, president and CEO of Main Street Media, says: "The idea that people no longer want to read newspapers is, in my opinion, completely misguided. But as an industry, we have to be honest and ask ourselves if we are offering our communities a product that will attract and retain readers. If we do that, can we then build a business model that will support our efforts to provide readers with strong newspapers? I believe the answer is 'yes' and that has been the basis of our company's growth to this point."


Video Conference on Non-Traditional Revenue

This P2P call will focus on non-traditional revenue.


Free video conference on Best Revenue Ideas of 2018 9/13/18

SNPA will host a free video conference focusing on "Best Revenue Ideas of 2018" on Thursday, Oct. 18. Tom Silvestri, president and publisher of the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch, will be the moderator for this conference call.

SNPA's monthly P2P programs are free for SNPA members, but participants must sign up in advance and share an example.

So, what was your homerun for the year?